The beauty of CBD.

A few Tuesdays back whilst applying my make up/ trying to make myself look relatively human. CBD products amongst cosmetics on the table, contemplative of what cream or concealer to attempt and fail to hide the unavoidable spots on my face with.

cbd beauty article pic

The answer was simple and had been in my make up bag the whole time.

CBD, obviously.

Seeing as it has fixed at least 99% of the problems I had used it for so far, I thought there was no harm in trying. After applying a small amount of the 1000mg whole plant extract paste from Black sheep dispensaries to the necessary areas I patiently waited to see if it would work. One cup of tea, forty minutes and a fabulous smelling face later. The spots had visibly improved, there was barely any redness and the inflammation had significantly reduced.

I was astonished to see the next morning that even without reapplication there was almost no trace of a spot or a single blemish on my face. Is there anything CBD can’t fix?

So during my morning routine that day I ditched the micellar water and primer in favour of  CBD gold oil drops before applying my makeup. The glow up was real! My face felt so much more hydrated and fuller My eyebrows looked visibly nourished and the oil was so lightweight on my face in comparison to most products I would usually use.

CBD oil has proved itself to be a staple to my make up bag as well as my life.

So girls ( and guys no discrimination here) instead of just a daily supplement you might want to consider CBD as a makeup bag essential too!


W E E D M I L K S H A K E ?

Food and weed are my two favourite hobbies, for sure.

There is nothing better than the combination of an amazing meal & a beautiful strain to compliment it with for afters.

I absolutely love cooking and always have done since I was eight years old and first learnt how to. I live for any excuse to cook, am so extra with food & am probably thee biggest fucking feeder you’ll ever meet in your life.

I first cooked with cannabis three years ago with the most beautiful hash a friend gifted me from his Moroccan travels, I decided I wasn’t going to make cakes or brownies I was going to make a mini breakfast of sausage,bacon & egg sandwiches with the bread fried in hash oil with hash milk hot chocolates to drink ( I told you i’m extra ) Needless to say they anihilated me & I kind of just forgot about making anymore edibles that were a bit different from the conventional way of cooking with cannabis.

Until yesterday when I had like, a food epiphany while unpacking my new food blender( thee best investment of my adult life), Weed ice cream milkshakes! Like what could be better than a medicated drink to smoke your joint with.

So I am going to share my recipe for anyone who wants to try one ❤

Obviously you can change ingredients for your taste or dietary needs, add more canna-oil, hash not herb. whatever your fancy 🙂  This is just my creation and I hope you enjoy!


  • canna-oil ( decarbed weed dissolved in the coconut oil )
  • semi skimmed milk
  • vanilla ice cream
  • 2 x mint cornettos
  • 1 packet of malteaser buttons
  • 4 squares of galaxy chocolate
  • small handful of ice cubes


  1. Pre heat your oven to 115c (240f for any anybody reading and doesn’t use celsius)
  2. Grind/ break up your desired amount of flower or hash as loosely as you can and place on a tray topped with baking paper.
  3. Put on the middle shelf in the oven for 50-60 minutes.
  4. Put four tablespoons of raw coconut oil in a pan and slowly heat on a low temperature.
  5. Take the flower or hash out of the oven and slowly start adding and mixing in to the heating coconut oil.
  6. Keep  on a low heat and frequently stir the mixture, I usually leave to heat for about 20-25 minutes before taking off to cool.
  7. Once you have taken the canna-oil mix off of the heat you can strain the flower out if you wish, I personally leave it in for an extra kick 🙂
  8. Chop up two mint cornettos in to as small pieces as you can and place in the blender along with malteasers buttons.
  9. Add 100ml of milk, a small handful of ice cubes and 2 scoops of vanilla ice-cream into the blender.
  10. Lastly place the canna-oil in the mixture, I put five tablespoons in for the first try.
  11. Blend for 2 minutes until the mixture is even and ice is fully blended.
  12. Place four squares of galaxy chocolate in a microwaveable bowl and put in the microwave for 30-40 seconds.
  13. Spoon the melted chocolate in to the bottom and drizzle around the glass and put in to the fridge for five minutes to solidify.
  14. Pour the blended mixture in to glass and top with cream and sprinkles.
  15. Roll a joint to smoke with the milkshake.
  16. Enjoy!chelspudding





The Unintentional Indica Addict

It wasn’t until I became more self aware while smoking cannabis and self educating more on what I was actually smoking that I noticed the pattern in my favourite strains.

Starting from when I was about sixteen and was introduced into a lot more variety of strains. High grade had only really been around properly for a couple of years by this time and it was the usual staple flavours available “Bubblegum” “K2” “White Widow” if you live in the UK you’ll know these strains well! But There were two strains that just really stuck out from the rest for me, Afghan Kush & Critical Mass ❤

They were both so similar in high and had a slight similarity in smell, sickly & pungent. The Afghan beautiful long heavy jade buds with pale white frosted hairs with the sweetest sickly but earthy taste.                                                                           Critical Mass- more compressed and brighter green buds literally bursting with citrus orange hairs with an almost matching scent and taste.

Fast forward eight years and I’ve smoked countless different strains from different countries but I’m still yet to find these two UK grown nostalgic flavours,But my prayers had been answered in the last fortnight, and I don’t know if I’m the only one who has a partially telepathic plug in the sense of you think about strains and a week later he has them, or maybe the universe just thought that eight years was long enough to wait to smoke them again.Regardless,my life has been made complete after being reunited with them both.                                                                                    It was such a nostalgic high to smoke and they were both as beautiful as I remember ❤

There is something truly wonderful about Indica, whether its old school strains like Blue Cheese, L.A Confidential, Northern Lights or newer strains like Sky Walker OG,King Louis Xlll or Purple Alien Dawg, Indica just makes everything better and I know weed in general makes everything better, but can we please talk about how much better sleep is after heavy indica’s, how much nicer food is or literally just how everything is so much fucking comfier.

Aghan Kush is a 100% Indica and in that sense everything i look for in a strain. I’d be lying if I said I really enjoy Sativa dominant, I have a happy hybrid medium and that being around like 70%Indica 30%Sativa. I am an Indica girl through and through and I could happily smoke them all day.                                                                                  I wouldn’t get much done, but i’d be stupidly high and happy!🤗

Tangerine Dreamin’🍊

I love weed.

Whether its in my joint, my bong, my stomach. I love getting high.                                    The only way I just never seemed to get along with was through a dry herb vaporiser.I tried two years ago for about a fortnight but I just couldn’t get used to it. So the vaporiser helped for two weeks while commuting back and forth to a mundane office job. Before it retreated to a junk drawer where it probably still lives now and I retreated back to my comfort zone of joints and bongs.

I don’t know if it was the minimal smoke with the vaporiser, or the gradual high as oppose to the instantaneous joint hit high but they just weren’t for me. Until this week when I was blessed to receive some THC oil cartridges from Cartisan Vapes- an up and coming company based in the UK that have definitely changed my opinion on vapes. Smoking the oil through the vaporiser as oppose to dry herb was such a more satisfying high and while smoking the Tangerine Dream terpene cartridge I had a high I rarely get anymore. I had the giggles to the point of literally crying, Its just the cleanest high and there is something quite comforting about it just being there and ready to smoke on quee ( granted you don’t get too high and forgot to charge it, exhibit A 💁).And as much as I enjoy being high in public there are some situations when you just can’t feel comfortable smoking a big blunt out and about. But this literally diminishes any anxiety of getting stoned in public. It’s so discreet that I just blend in with every other person who smokes using a vaporiser to smoke nicotine and by the time someones smelt me, hey I’ve already gotten ten metres away anyway.

On another plus note I’m three days into being unintentionally cigarette free!A result of having the oil vape and I cant express the difference in just three days of no cigarettes. Granted I am still using tobacco in my joints, but still such a massive difference. Obviously it means I get twice as high too! winner😊

I don’t think I could ever switch to vapes over my go to joint, but the oil vape has definitely become a part of my daily medicating routine for sure. It has had nothing but positive effects for me personally, I’ve saved on flower🌸 I’ve smoked no cigarettes and its such a clean high that i would recommend this to any cannabis advocate💚

As the way we use cannabis advances, even through the harsh times of illegality- the product and the sense of professionalism from these guys is amazing and I am so excited to see how companies like this and so many more like minded people can expand and take things further in the future!👽


The slow road to Self Love.❤️


Thats probably the best word to describe my relationship with self body image. I was thirteen years old when I discovered an online guide titled ‘How to be a better anorexic’ and I still remember how proud i felt printing off all 56 pages slyly in ICT class. I memorised every page, word for word.                                                                          Every last tip on ‘ how to purge better’ and twisted mantras of ‘how nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. I would starve myself for days at a time, followed the insane diets from my warped guide and ate those bullshit adios weight lose tablets like they were fucking sweets.

But I wasn’t fat, I never was.                                                                                                I was just a teenage girl with normal puppy fat and a not so normal perception on self body image. Despite my crazy attempts, I didn’t begin to loose weight until after I turn sixteen and started using drugs more frequently.  To add insult too injury I didn’t develop a chest until I was 20 and even that was a pretty feeble attempt. But the more I learn the the more the significance of these so desperately sought after features diminishes.The perfect nose, big boobs, long legs.                                                                                                                                                                                                     None of these physical things literally have any meaning whatsoever🧡

Don’t get me wrong yesterday I had my first ever “I’m not fat enough”meltdown. “And just as I was starting to like myself” I thought while pinching the skin of my waist bitterly before raiding the fridge. But there is always going to be the occasional dark day where I literally won’t be able to find a single kind word to say about myself, where my reflection will show me 50 pounds heavier than I am. Or maybe even the frail figure I once was. But its how I manifest the feelings towards myself on the “bad body thought days” witch get me through and help me maintain a positive body image 99.5% of the time.

So today my thoughts were driven by my progress of going up two sizes to a size 10 (and rather tightly at that) & I thought back to the skeletal woman I was just a year back, six stone in weight and beyond frail Body barely functioning from the highly nutrious diet of microwave meals and ketamine and instead of hatred and negativity I was full of pride and self worth and its the same sense of self worth and pride that I will channel to keep on pushing myself further.

Low self esteem and negative body image can literally be a life long battle and to anyone fighting it, You can fucking do it!  Tell yourself you are beautiful. Tell yourself your an absolute fucking G or a boss bitch! Your thoughts are so much powerful than you could ever imagine and for aslong as you think of yourself in a negative light, what you see will reflect that. Trust me😌




Forbidden Fruit🇺🇸 & Sweet Tooth🇬🇧



L:UK grown ‘Sweet Tooth’ ( Aghani x Nepalese x Hawaiian )                                                                                     R:Cali ‘Forbidden Fruit'( Tangie x Cherry Pie)


Not a comparison of Cali vs UK,                        Just a review of two super sweet Indica strains i’ve smoked this week🍬💚


Forbidden Fruit.

Well my slow ass lost the half a joint i’d put down somewhere safe for about fifteen minutes so lets start with the high🙃                                                                                 This heavy punch packing strain will definitely leave you a little couch locked and with parents like Tangie & Cherry pie what do you expect?

The taste almost like a grape jelly or some sort of sweet plum or cherry jam mixed beautifully with the earthy piney notes. Like the smell the tight,dense buds look just like some kind of candy too ( looks a lot like Grape Ape). An almost jade shade of green yet luminous in the sunlight with deep purple shading and the tiniest hints of pale lilac hermitting inside. Basically, it looks like candy smokes like a fucking dream but a serious munchies inducer so if you’re gonna smoke the forbidden fruit, make sure your snack equipped☺️


Sweet Tooth

                                                                                                                                              This strain definitely lives up to its name and it has certainly hit my sweet tooth. I’m not sure if it’s the ‘heavy but can still function pretty well’ kind of Indica that I love so much or the sweet nostalgic taste of the little love heart sweets you used to get when you were a kid that makes this strain so fucking moreish but its delicious and I can’t stop smoking it😍

A pungent, sickly sweet flavour that will leave your mouth-watering.                                     The long bright green buds bursting with citrus hairs, the smell almost a subtle lemon scent at first until breaking a bud open to release the sweet berry aroma.                                                                                                                                                                    An Indica dominant strain (85-15%) with the perfect amount of sativa to keep you functional through the heavy body high.






Indica to get you out of your K hole?

First thing you should know about me is that i am an addict. Recovering,

But an addict none the less, my poison of choice for six years being ketamine and from sixteen until just before my twenty fourth birthday my god did that bitch rule my life!

 Well, up until three weeks ago it still had a massive clutch on me and was steadily ruining my life, just like it always had.

  Prior and throughout my addiction I have always smoked cannabis daily as it has always had a multitude of positive effects for me personally . Throughout the years on ketamine I became more of a solitude smoker,naturally due to the large amounts of time i would spend alone. As much as i had never lost my love for weed, I truly lost my care for what i was smoking which was the total end of the spectrum from the strain geek i once was. It more just became about a necessity of just having it there for periods of time i’d be waiting for k or using it to try and sleep, unknowingly smoking crazy strong sativa’s at all the wrong times and not being able to work out why I’m having regular panic attacks or can’t sleep. All because i just didn’t care what i was smoking as my life was so strictly ran by ketamine.

In September last year i finally made the best decision to get off of it while i still had the ability ( I won’t pretend its been easy or I haven’t fucked up, I’m 20 days clean again today so make of that what you will)

  But coming off of ketamine and getting my love of cannabis back again properly, the biggest thing i noticed was the striking similarity between the two, So i can smoke a joint of indica, or eat a brownie and feel pretty fucking identical and never have to sniff ketamine again?

Why the fuck did i not realise this like six years ago? You can literally replicate the same cosmic feeling of ketamine ( to a degree obviously) from just smoking a plant that’s going to have nothing but beneficial side effects to your body.

I had fully been taking for granted something that was in front of me the whole and completely overlooking that a solution for recovery was in my bedside cabinet the whole time.
I got my strain hunting lust back and am forever enjoying the journey of discovering genetics perfect for the manageability of my addiction and personality disorder ( BPD,a topic ill cover late with strains i honestly believe to help me at least)

I would never push smoking cannabis on to a person unless i thought it would be truly beneficial to them, But i can’t sing the praises of cannabis in the sense of an aid to recovery enough. But seriously though, if you’re reading this and your contemplating getting a gram or are about to do a line. Please, show your bladder some love and smoke some Afghan kush or eat a fucking brownie first!


Indica dominant, heavy budded. ‘HELLS OG’ (biker kush)

OG KUSH X BLACKBERRY                  A new discovery, fast favourite and prime example of cosmic, bodied effect indicas,similar in trait to ketamine.